Monday, March 18, 2019

Essays --

In this paper I will be discussing the topic of if being a Leader is natural or if a Leader can be made. If attractionship can be taught, in that respect are several ideas that be possessed of to be done. First there would have to be leadership teachers, or people who have some assort of knowledge of leading and can teach this to others. Second, individual would need to demand to learn and believe that leadership education can protagonist them sire a leader. In my opinion I believe a leader is born and is someone who safe has the instincts to lead others or take bear down of a situation. I believe that there are classes that can help people become more secure in interacting with others and working in certain situations that can help them manage, But when the going gets tough I think that someone that has just been taught certain traits will not be able to handle the heat. A Leader in my opinion just has the instincts to adapt to all situations and deal with it the best wa y possible.Some ideas that someone can become or be taught how to be a leader are that you just need the proper teachers or strategy, for example the U...

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