Sunday, October 6, 2019

Networking Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Networking - Assignment Example Describe three different associations that you could network with to learn about jobs in sales and marketing. Research these associations and indicate when/where they meet; the contact information; and how to network within these groups. One organization which could serve as a network to learn about jobs in sales and marketing is the Sales & Marketing & Executives International, Inc. located at PO Box 1390 Sumas, WA 98295 USA and could be contacted through their official website: Their contact information is through this number: 312-893-0751; and as disclosed, they could be contacted through social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, YouTube, through blog, radio (Sales & Marketing & Executives International, Inc., 2012). ... Its contact information include: TEL: (703) 234-4098, FAX: (703) 435-4390 and their site disclosed the information on conferences and upcoming events where members could appropriately meet, as required (Association of Investment Management Sales Executives, 2013). Finally, the SMPS is located at 123 North Pitt Street, Suite 400, Alexandria, VA 22314 with the following contact information: 800.292.7677 (Society for Marketing Professional Services, 2013). It listed the upcoming events where members and interested parties could meet with them at the indicated schedule and venue. One could therefore network with these groups through contacting them in their respective official websites, or through their contact information and other social networking sites, as indicated. How are networking and building connections essential skills to sales and marketing? Networking and building connections are essential skills to sales and marketing through the provision of crucial and relevant informati on that promulgates and perpetuate sales and marketing endeavors. Like the associations above mentioned, through these skills, interested parties or stakeholders of different organizations could forge alliances with member associations and groups to promote their endeavors, as required (Strategic Business Network, 2011). Relationships building and listening were seen as crucial elements to succeed in sales; in conjunction with sincerity, ethics, and asking (Michaels, 2011). As emphasized, â€Å"as Internet communication technology developed and more applications could be added to a social networking site, the number of features available to users increased drastically, adding to the sites' success† (EBSCO Host, 2013). Thus, organizations rely on social media to

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