Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Conferences and conventions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Conferences and conventions - Essay Example Recently conferences and conventions have started extended facilities to delegate families and there is not a single economy which would say that it did not get benefited by conferences. "THE economic contribution of conferences to the Welsh economy is underscored in the financial results of the Cardiff Conference Bureau. This council initiative has won business for the city worth 1.7m during 2006" Another face of conferences is the advantage being gained by tourism industry. By placing conferences in far away venues of cultural, naturalistic and historical backdrops, many countries and business have given enormous facelift to the tourism industry. This has given way to business tourism, considered today as a major branch of tourism. Britain is an important country that has been benefited by business tourism, mainly because it is reachable from all directions and has well developed, affordable venues. are rumoured to be affordable. One of the UK advertisements says: "Vibrant, dynamic cities, elegant spa towns combining tradition with state-of-the-art facilities and cosmopolitan seaside resorts... Britain has it all" Indian cities with luxurious five star hotels and much cheaper economy have provided some more major business tourism destinations, where many international conferences and conventions are held today. The wildlife sanctuaries, historical monuments, natural wonders, religious temples have all... Conferences and conventions have created a global industry of their own. The origins of the conference industry are quite recent and it has been connected with business tourism and leisure tourism throughout. New trend of winning through partnerships has started in the business world. Business touring workshops are setting the trend. There are many direct expenditure benefits of conferences to the local area. In United Kingdom, conferences, meetings, conventions have created tourism benefit. Many conference venues and their neighbouring towns and cities usually become tourist centres for the convention representatives. According to a study conducted by UK National Tourist Board, with detailed figures of conference spending in the year 2001, total cost direct expenditure of one conference was  £1,092,960/-. Conferences and conventions also bring benefits to human resources, and employees. â€Å"Conferences are about communication†¦.An industry has developed to facilitate the satisfaction of the objectives of face to face communication: the conference industry. Suppliers to the industry are as diverse as their clients: Conference centres, hotels, specialist intermediaries, convention bureaux, caterers, production companies, and many others – all cooperate to create the right atmosphere and infrastructure, conducive to communication†

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